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Shipping and payment

Dear Customer!
We are continuously working to improve the services provided. One of the important tasks for us is to reduce the time range of services without losing the quality of the services provided. Now we compensate for this problem by working without lunch breaks, quick service (we repair and do diagnose most of headphones and some products in 30 minutes) and quality service. If you cannot visit the Service Center (SC) during business hours, we recommend that you use the help of a friend, relative or send us the defective product to the address of any convenient door-to-door courier service.

Rules for sending defective product
Before sending the defective product to the Service Center (SC), please indicate the contact information for contacting you and a detailed description of the defect, check the completeness and indicate it on paper (preferably with a marker, so that it is noticeable), make a photo capture of the contents of the package and documents ( warranty card, sales receipt), be sure to put the warranty card or the Certificate of completion (if the product is sent for warranty repair) inside. If the malfunction is due to incorrect operation with the data (music content) or if the malfunction appears when the product is operated with third-party accessories (including a memory card), be sure to leave the data (music content) in the product and provide third-party accessories with the product for checking the malfunction .
When shipping the product, consider the need to protect it from falls and shock, the best option is factory packaging with protective elements. You can check this and other information on shipping the product to the courier delivery service.
After receiving the product, to the telephone number indicated in the accompanying documents, the SC sends an information message (SMS, viber) with the registration data of the product for service.
If after sending the product, taking into account the time of shipment, you did not receive a message with registration data in the SC, contact the SC and specify the receipt and registration number of the product for service. In the case of a paid repair, payment can be made in any way possible for you at the details indicated below. The amount to be paid, check with the SC manager after the completion of repair work. Sending the product to the consumer is possible only after full payment for the order. Please note that if payment will be made from a legal entity or an entrepreneur, then you need to get an invoice for payment in the SC.
Important! After completion of service, the SC sends the product to the name of the consumer who sent the product and to the same address from which the product was received.
Receiving a product after repair
Upon receipt of the product after service, be sure to check the integrity of the packaging and the absence of damage to the product, the presence of the Act of work performed, which indicates the work carried out with the product, the warranty period. In case of detection of violations of package integrity, damage to the product itself, etc. it is necessary, in the presence of an employee of the courier service, to make an inventory of the discovered violations, to receive the original document with the signatures of the responsible persons of the courier service and to refuse to receive the parcel. If there are no violations during the inspection of the parcel, we recommend that you check the product for serviceability. In case of defects in the product, during the warranty period, when sending the defective product to us, be sure to enclose the Certificate of Completed Works or the Warranty Card.
Rules for payment
    For the repair of goods:
    The following must be indicated in the purpose of the payment: "Payment for the repair, order No. xxxx. Without VAT."
    xxxx - the order number, which must be checked with the manager of service center.
    If you have an invoice received in the SO, then the following should be indicated in the payment: "Payment for repair according to invoice No.xxxx from xxx.xx.20xxx. Without VAT."
    Payment of accessories and goods:
    The purpose of the payment must indicate: "Payment for the goods, order No. xxxx. Without VAT." Xxxx - the number of the order, which must be clarified with the manager of the service center. If you have an invoice received in the SO, then the following should be indicated in the payment details: "Payment for the goods according to invoice No.xxxx from xxx.xx.20xx. Without VAT."
    Address for sending parcels and correspondence
    IE Gavrilyuk I.D. (Service center "ITS"), Mykoly Shpakа Str., 5, Kyiv, 03113, Ukraine.
    Shipment of goods through the offices of "Nova Poshta"
    Payment for the shipment of goods is made at the expense of the consumer.
    It is necessary to send the goods with delivery to the address: IE Gavrilyuk I.D. (Service center "ITS"), Mykoly Shpakа Str., 5, Kyiv, 03113, Ukraine.
    Phone number for communication and informing about the shipment of goods: +38 066 671 3982

    Addresses and open hours of Nova Poshta
    Prices of Nova Poshta
    Tracking of parcel
    Bank details for payment
    Individual entrepreneur GAVRILYUK IVAN DMITRIEVICH
    EDRPOU / ID code: 1736504232
    IBAN: UA883052990000026000005011871
    Phone / Fax: (044) 333-73-68
    We can accept payments only in ukrainian hryvnas.
    Attention! These details are only for payment by end users! For payment by companies and entrepreneurs, it is necessary to receive an invoice for payment by making a request to our mail
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